Luxurious linens! Is there any thing more sumptuous? We here at Beekeeper's Cottage in Leesburg, Virginia offer a bounty of the most beautiful and heavenly linens! We simply LOVE linens that inspire old world elegance and yet withstand every day wear and tear. From whisper linen duvet covers to velvet satin pillow shams and more, the washable nature of Bella Notte and Pom Pom linens is fabulous and unexpected. 

Pom Pom linens are made from 100% certified organic flax fibers, aligning with the ideals of globally conscious homeowners.  Pom Pom linens are classically casual, evoking romance and freshness – the embodiment of fine rustic décor.  

Bella Notte Linens are a decadent addiction! Great attention is given to fine details usually reserved for custom linens such as silk velvet trim, generous flouncy, flirty ruffles and shell button closures. Using organic and raw materials, Bella Notte seeks to reduce the impact of manufacturing, and have developed a non-toxic dyeing method. It's a perfect fit for their line of organic crib bedding. And in an effort to support the local economy, many of their gorgeous linens are made by seamstress artisans in their home base of San Francisco.